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Compatible Devices & Apps

Dedicated Apps for Android Devices. Also compatible with any M3U player (Perfect Player, GSE, Prog TV, M3U Url's. Watch in your browser, on mobile devices, Xbox & Playstation. MAC accounts available (Limited to 1 connection)
USA, Canada, Latino including Premium channels. Major sports broadcasts and PPV's.
Total TV

UK, US, CA and International channels.

Frequently Asked Questions


Top Rated Support
Once you pay reach out to us on Telegram links are posted on the contact us page. Best hours to reach us are between 6 pm and 11 pm CST time. But normally on Telegram from the time we wake up until bed time.

lPTV is very simple! Instead of receiving TV programs as broadcast signals that enter your home from a rooftop antenna, satellite dish, or a fibre optic cable, you get them streamed through your Internet connection.

We have created our very own feeds of over 1,000+ Channels available in High Definition & in a different range of genres. While allowing you to watch in 3 separate locations at the same time. You will struggle to find a service offering this amount for the price we offer!

If your in the USA you do not need VPN. Anyone outside of the USA may need to use VPN.

There are local sports and news channels in many major cities if you have questions about channel availability reach out to us on telegram 

This depends on the service Beast is 4 by default and others are 2 connections but TTP has options to add more up to 5 connections.

You can  use your devices over a maximum of 2 ip addresses at the same time. sharing an account is forbidden and any account found doing so, will be banned and no refund will be issued.

You can add Message on telegram or add to your amember profile and let admin know.

Anyone who creates a profile without paying the profile will be deleted.

Before you even place an order you should make sure you can join the telegram group

Telegram does need a mobile number to signup you can get one through google for free. but it is the fastest way for us to provide live online support for you.

We are working to get this process automated but for now after payment, post a message in the group with only the username if the admin is available they will create a password for you and pm it to you but you may have to wait until they become available.

Yes but you can choose to have it on or off with your order or set a Adult pin in app.

Please check are Support page before contacting us on how to setup a device this allows us the time to create accounts and cut down time spent answering support questions on documented information.
– Mac & PC
– Apple iPhone & iPad (running iOS 10 or newer)
– Android phones & tablets (running 5.0 or newer)
-Roku (No longer Supported)
– Fire TV & Fire Stick
– Xbox One
– PS4
– Samsung (select TV models)
– Nvidia Shield
– Android Boxes
– Formuler Devices
– MAG Devices
– STB Emulator
– Perfect Player

Must have a supported device and HIGH SPEED INTERNET. A speed of 15 mbps ON THE DEVICE you are using is recommended. A device with available memory and sufficient hardware is required. Any device older than 5 years old will not work.

The possible reasons can be that:
  • Your account has expired
  • You went over the allowed maximum connections please make sure you understand how this works with support in telegram. 

There are no refunds after an account is created period.

We already paid on our side for you to access the products once you account is added we have no way to get our money back.

You must agree to the TOS at signup.

There have been some people that have paid and then file a claim with Payment provider that its illegal and they didn’t know.

We have no access to anything or any of it’s content, other then creating a username and password for you that is not Illegal do know where any iptv providers like Sony or Redtube get their sources we don’t either or where ours comes from that’s between them and the copyright holders.

Our payment provider has sided with us in every case so please don’t be one of those people you will end up being the one upset.

Why Choose Us?

Compatible Devices & Apps

We have dedicated Apps for Android and compatible with any M3U player (Perfect Player, GSE, Prog TV, M3U Black, etc), Watch in your browser, on mobile devices, Xbox & Playstation. IP MAC accounts available for Formuler, Dreamlink, Buzz Boxes, STB Emulator, and others.

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Content from all over the world in several languages is included depending on product, if you have questions about what choose reach out to us on telegram information to reach us is on the contact us page.

About Us?

Disabled Military Veteran with over 20 years of IT support experience so we can help get you up and running and go that extra mile.